Connie Dahlgren

Office Administrator

Connie Dahlgren

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Connie has been with First Presbyterian since 2003. As the Office Administrator, she has her hands in many different aspects of the day-to-day operations of the church office, as well as the different ministries of the church.

With a diverse background as Executive Assistant and Corporate Meeting Planner for both large and small corporations in her hometown of Louisville, KY, Dallas, TX and here in the Nashville area, her skills and vision are an asset in seeing the small details as well as the the big picture, thinking outside the box and taking chances.

Her love and passion for the history of this church and the future growth of this church are evident. Growing up in a home filled with love and faith, she still feels her own faith is constantly evolving; but feels she is home, here at First Presbyterian Church. A home filled with faith, a nurturing love for one another and the community, and a deep love for Christ and His teachings.

Connie is the mother of two adult children. Whenever she can, she loves reading, cooking and baking, and being outdoors.