Adult Ministries

Adult Sunday School


Leader: Brian Wildes

Be Ye Kind, One To Another (BYKOTA) says it all.  This is a warm, welcoming group of adults who enjoy fellowship, spirituality, and a good discussion.

Their current study is:  "Journey Through the Bible: Acts of the Apostle".  



Leader:  Vicki Canaan

This class welcomes adults who are looking for real-life discussions in a casual setting.  Members of this class describe it as the best free therapy around! 

Their current study is:  "Free of Me", by Sharon Hodde Miller.  With this study, you are invited into a bigger, Jesus centered vision that restores your freedom and inspires you to live for you and to forget the 'me centered' culture affects of every day life.


Life's Lessons

Leader:  Stuart Stephens

This class welcomes adults searching for spiritual answers to the challenges of today's world, from how to be a better parent to what happens after death.  

This class is currently studying:  "Banned Questions About the Bible", by Christian Piatt.  This study will tackle fifty of the most provocative, challenging or otherwise taboo questions that many may have wondered but would not ask.  


Inquirer's Class

Leader:  Mark Strength

This class will inform you what it means to be Presbyterian.  This is a six-week rotating class.  You can attend during any part of the rotation.